The Two Dorothies – Vancouver Sun

The twin Tudor homes were Kerrisdale landmarks for more than eight decades.
On Monday morning, they were plucked from their foundations at 2827 and 2837 West 43rd Ave. and moved a couple of blocks north to 2820 West 41st, where they will be part of a new, eight- unit development.
Both homes were slated for demolition last year, when developer Trasolini Chetner purchased them for $1.95 million apiece and announced plans for two new 4,500-sq.-ft homes.
But there was a public backlash and the houses were on Vancouver’s heritage registry, which offered them some protection. So the developer worked out a deal with the city to move the Two Dorothies to the new site.

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Boucherie Beach New Home Guide

SUMMER’S IN THE AIR, AND FOR MANY PEOPLE THAT immediately conjures up thoughts of escaping to the summer cottage. A vacation home is where days are carefree, dress code is casual, and lifelong friendships are often forged toasting marshmallow over a camp re.
Frequently, however, this idyllic lifestyle comes with a hidden cost beyond the actual price tag – it’s hard work maintaining your part time retreat. Now, one Vancouver-based developer is creating an alternative – a strata community that lets owners “lock it and leave it” secure in the knowledge their vacation property will be maintained so it’s ready for use the next time they arrive. It’s a trend he believes will gain signi cant traction among increasingly busy urbanites because it puts the joy back into owning a recreational property.
This issue, New Home Guide chats with Rob Chetner, partner at Trasolini Chetner Construction Corporation, about Boucharie Beach and his vision of this new style vacation getaway.

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