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A History
of Heritage

As much as we are committed to building for the future, we are also very actively involved with helping to preserve our past.

We believe that as developers, if we don’t do anything to help save, preserve and restore some of our very few remaining Heritage Buildings, that we will, one day, not have anything to look back on to remind us of what used to be.

As such, over the years, we have become a leader within our industry as a knowledgeable and experienced development company with a special interest and ability to identify, protect and restore many of our Historic Heritage Homes and Buildings.

Video of the 2 Dorothies, the BIG move!

This interesting component within our business constantly presents and provides us with unique opportunities and challenges to help make a difference in this market sector.

We appreciate and work hard to protect the true craftsmanship and the attention to detail that was ever present in these historic structures.



Here are some of our Heritage and Restoration Projects that we have undertaken and worked on – all of which will, in their own way, help to keep a portion of Vancouver’s Heritage alive, for decades to come.

We’d be happy to further discuss and explore any potential Heritage-related projects and opportunities with you.

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